Wuzhou Long Teng Chemical Co.,Ltd
  ● Wuzhou Long Teng Chemical Co., Ltd (Long Teng) is located in Wuzhou, which has long been famous for her charming scenery and publicly known as one of the most important base to produce pine oleoresin in China.
  ● Long Teng specializes in the business of pine chemicals and has the professional experience. Our main business included production and sell gum rosin, gum turpentine and its derivatives.
  ● Long Teng’s main products are rosin ester/resin which used in making the adhesives, coating (wood coating and thermoplastic traffic paint) and ink, the capacity is 20000MT per year.
  ● Long Teng’s products are exported to Europe, North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Korea.
  ● We try our best to improve the relationship with our customers and become the partner in the handling of the material.
  ● The most appreciated recognition for us is to know we are considered not only as suppliers but also as collaborator.