C5 Resin for Traffic Paints

Trade Name: HRC5
Chemical name: Hydrocarbon Resin C5              
Description: It is a kind of thermal plasticizing resin produced by C5, by-products of petroleum cracking, through pretreatment, polymerization and distillation. It has the chemical stabilizing property to acid and alkaline, viscosity adjusting and thermal stabilizing,
Specification :
Softening Point (ball & ring, ℃) 100~120
Color(Molten Resin, Gardener #) Max.5
Color Stability (@200℃,3hrs, Ga.#) Max.8
Acid Value.(mgKOH/g) Max 1.5
Ash, % Max 0.1
Melt Viscosity (@200℃,m.Pa.S) Max.250
1.It is special for making the traffic paint, which have good resistance to crushing, resistance to crocking, abrasion resistance, appropriate leveling and fast drying. It also has good resistance to yellowing and ageing resistance.
2.Good adhesion, it is used as a binder especially for making road marking paints.
Typical Uses:
1.To make white or yellow hot-melt traffic paint.
2.It is suitable for all kinds of bitumen road surface and cement road surface.
Forms and Packaging
1. Bag:  Kraft paper bag, 25kgs net each bag.
2. Packing specified by customers.