Hydrogenated Rosin


Item HGR12 HGR20
Appearance Trasparent
Color The standard glass color piece of rosin Correspond to the Standard Glass Color Piece of Rosin
Lovibond Yellow max 12 20
Red 1.3 2.1
Acid Value,mgKOH/g , min 160
Softening Point (R&B) , , min 71
Alcohol insoluble Substance,% , max 0.03
Unsaponifiable matter,% , max 8
Abietic acid,% , max 2.5
Dehydroabietic acid,%, max 10
Tetrahydroabietica Acid (%) min 15
2. Properties and uses:
Mainly used as raw material for the manufacture of adhesives, coatings, inks, electronic industrial solder flux ,food grade ester gum etc.

3. Packing:
(1) Drum: Galvanized iron drum, 225kg net each drum.
(2) Packing specified by customers.