Maleic Resin for Traffic Paint

It is the slight yellow transparent solid, which is adducts of gum rosin and maleic anhydride through the esterification by glycerol and charge the heat and light stabilizer.


Items MR100 MR105 MR115 MR120
Appearance (Pale yellow, transparent with beads)
Color,(Gardner grade),max 4 4 4 4
Softening point,(Ring & Ball),oC 100±3 105±3 105±3 110±3
Acid value (mgKOH/g) max 20 20 20 20
VOC (%):max 0.5%


  1. 1.It is soluble in aromatic, aliphatic, ester, and ketone solvents.
  2. 2.It is special for making the traffic paint, which have good resistance to crushing, resistance to crocking,abrasion resistance, appropriate leveling and fast drying. It also has good resistance to yellowing and ageing resistance.
  3. 3.Good adhesion, it is used as a binder especially for making road marking paints.
  4. 4.Good compatibility: Free compatible with petroleum resin and EVA at free percentage.

Typical Uses:

To make white or yellow hot-melt traffic paint

Forms and Packaging:
1. Bag: beads or Flake, Kraft paper bag, 25kgs net each bag.
2. Packing specified by customers.