Glycerol Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin

  1. 1. Specifications
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Glycerol Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin
GHR-85L GHR-85
Solubility (with toluene1:1) Clear
Color (Fe-Co Scale) 3~4 4~6
Acid Value,mgKOH/g,max 9
Softening Point °C (R&B),min 85
Specific gravity,25°C/25°C 1.060~1.090

2. Properties and uses:
Glycerol ester of hydrogenated rosin are made from hydrogenated rosin or water
white hydrogenated rosin through esterification with glycerol, used in pressure
sensitive adhesives, hot melt adhesives and coatings.

3. Packing:
(1) Bag: Granule or Flake, Intertexture or kraft paper bag, 25kg net each bag.
(2) Packing specified by customers