Pentaerythritol Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin

  1. 1.Specifications
    1. Items
    Pentaerythritol Ester of Hydrogenated Rosin
    PHR-100L PHR-100
    Solubility (with toluene1:1) Clear
    Color (Fe-Co Scale) max 4~6 8~10
    Acid Value,mgKOH/g, max 20
    Softening Point °C (R&B), 95-102
    Specific gravity,25°C/25°C 1.060~1.090

2. Properties and uses:
Pentaerythritol ester of hydrogenated rosin are made from hydrogenated rosin or water-white hydrogenated rosin through esterification with pentaerythritol,used in pressure sensitive adhesives, hot melt adhesives and coatings.

3. Packing:
(1) Bag: Granule or Flake, Intertexture or kraft paper bag, 25kg net each bag.
(2) Packing specified by customers.