Maleic Resin

Maleic resin is the slight yellow transparent solid, which is adducts of gum rosin and maleic anhydride through the esterification by glycerol.


Items MR130A MR130B
Color(Gardner grade) max 5 8
Softening point ,℃ 130±5 130±5
Acid value ( mgKOH/g) 20-30 20-30
Solubility in Benzene(1∶1) Compatible,clear  

Soluble in coal tars, esters, turpentine oil; insoluble in alcoholic solvents; partially soluble in petroleum solvents, soluble well in plant oils, which with the advantages of stabile color, resistant to yellowing, good heat resistant and adhesion.

Typical Uses
Mainly used in polyurethane paint, nitrocellulose paint, lacquer, amino baking paint, acid cured paint, and inks.

Forms and Packaging:
1. Bag: beads or Flake, Kraft paper bag, 25kgs net each bag.
2. Packing specified by customers.